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Дайджест-резюме NLP engineer, Data Scientist

Роль: NLP engineer, Data Scientist
Город: Москва
Стаж: 4
Пол: Женский
Релокация: Mexico

Specialize in Natural Language Processing, Data Science, AI. Highly trained in NLP problems. Experienced in both software development (python, PyTorch) and research. Russian resident, in search of remote work and/or relocation. Have a husband and an infant child.

I received my bachelor's and master's degrees in Higher School of Economics, Moscow (Computational linguistics, Bachelor, 2017; System and Software Engineering, Master, 2020). Over the recent years, I participated in various NLP-related projects, including, but not limited to fact-based questions generation, chat-bot for investors, a dialogue-state tracking system for call centers and help-desks. I was also included in fundamental research in NLP and have scientific publications in SCOPUS journals.

I am experienced in working in a software-engineer team onsite and remote, and also excellent in time management and self-organizing. I have professional-level English and can work in an international team. I can learn new programming languages and work practices if needed.

I acknowledge the independence of the Ukrainian people and condemn my country's aggression in Ukraine.

Learning Ability:
Atlassian Jira & Confluence / Redmine:


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