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Дайджест-резюме Sound Designer, Composer, Sound Producer

Роль: Sound Designer, Composer, Sound Producer
Город: Москва
Стаж: 10
Пол: Мужской
Релокация: Cyprus

Hello! I'm a sound designer, composer and sound engineer.

Since 2012 I create music, sound FXs and mixes for different clients as freelancer. I have music education grades as Orchestral Musician (cello) and Sound Engineer.

Now I'm searching a position as Game Audio specialist - #remote or #relocate. I learned Wwise, have all needed studio equipment, subscriptions on sample stocks and great desire to work in Game Audio because I really love video games.

I would also be glad to take internship, probation or/and do a test task.

Thank You for your attention! Feel free to ask any questions and offer anything you want.



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