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Дайджест-резюме Python junior developer or Junior Data Analyst

Роль: Python junior developer or Junior Data Analyst
Город: Москва
Стаж: 0
Пол: Мужской
Релокация: Cyprus

A bit about me:

At the moment I'm occupied as a Senior Search Engine Optimisation specialist, but I'm working on moving to the programming sphere. From the SEO past I have strong analytical skills, the ability to search for information and solutions, good teamwork and communication skills as well as great learning ability. Hence I'm looking for a company to build mutually


I am currently taking a course in data analytics with Python.

+ I already have a pretty good experience in using Python 3

+ It's easy to learn new things for me, because I have an active and flexible mind.

+ Communicative, I usually reach understanding with colleagues easily.

+ I am good at learning on my own, googling, reading documentation, looking for examples and dealing with the problems, in other words problem solving is my skill as well.

+ I can break a task into smaller blocks and make priorities for tasks

+ My level of English is C2

+ Analytical thinking.

Examples of what I have on my github:

-- a Discord bot that keeps track of user activity, has a PostgreSQL database (I don't use ORM), contains several mini-games (including "casino" with a real random used, instead of the usual computer pseudo-random), and, as a last update at the request of users, playback of songs from YouTube was added.

the bot is hosted on Google Cloud - a virtual server with Ubuntu 20.10.

-- one of the earlier works - a parser that analyzes the site catalog pages for the number of products and the presence of text.

I also made a name generator in Latin for fun, but for some reason it mostly gives out more eastern names.

Problem Solving:
Learning Ability:
Analytical thinking :
Работа в команде:


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