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Дайджест-резюме Senior ReactJS

Роль: Senior ReactJS
Город: Нижний Новгород
Стаж: 3
Пол: Мужской

I am a front-end developer. The most part of my working experience for the last two years was developing anelectronic banking system, I also participate in two other projects. I've developed

Complicated UI logic, for working with forms, and data tables has been developed by me during an electronicbanking system development process. Debugging code without source maps on the customer side

is the most interesting case in my work.

RearctJs, redux, redux-thunk, redux-saga, MobX are used by me for making frontend components in webapplications.

Jest and enzyme I using for testing frontend components.


JavaScript • HTML5 • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) • Jira • ReactJS • Redux • Redux thunk • Redux saga • Jest • Enzyme

Atlassian Jira & Confluence / Redmine:


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