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Дайджест-резюме Научный сотрудник. Иллюстратор.

Роль: Научный сотрудник. Иллюстратор.
Город: Москва
Стаж: 10
Пол: Мужской
Релокация: Белград, Сербия.


I have a PhD in molecular biology (2008).

I did a posdoc research in the field of neurobiology in Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

During maternity leave I started to do a biomedical illustrations and now I have a strong background and more than 8 years experience. My customers are Harvard University, University of Kopenhagen, Karolinska Institute etc.

I can analyse biomedical literature, visualise data, make a cover arts, illustrations, schemes and powerpoint presentations.

You are very welcome to request my portfolio or to ask me any questions.

Kind regards,


Adobe Illustrator:
Biomedical research:
Обучаемость и погружение:
PCR, Western-blot, microdissection, microscopy:
Анализ научной литературы:
Визуализация данных:
Adobe Photoshop:


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